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The Hydrogen & Fuel Cell Connection is a bimonthly newsletter published by the International Hydrogen Fuel Cell Association (IHFCA) that highlights the latest industry news and business opportunities for global hydrogen fuel cell research, demonstration, and commercialization.

May/June 2020 Issue: Highlights include SHPT and SAIC visited by Dr. Wan Gang, Toyota’s joint venture with five stack and OEM partners in China, and the journey of China’s H2 FCEV development [Read More]

March/April 2020 Issue: Highlights include green hydrogen momentum in Europe, MIIT’s main tasks for FCEV standards in 2020, Toyota & FAW joint investment to build NEV factory, and SHPT and SinoHytec introduction [Read More]

Winter 2019-20 Special Edition provides an extra report on the 4th International Hydrogen Fuel Cell Vehicle Congress (FCVC 2019) in China, which included one plenary meeting, six forums, and an exhibition [Read More]

2019 Autumn Special Edition provides an extra report on the 2nd FCV Itinerant Exhibition & Roadshow (FCVI 2019). In the event, a fleet of 15 FCVs journeyed through five hydrogen demonstration cities in China [Read More]

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