2021 Speaker

  • LI Jun, Chairman of China Society of Automotive Engineers, Academician of Chinese Academy of Engineering
  • YI Baolian, Academician of Chinese Academy of Engineering士
  • OUYANG Minggao, Academician of the Chinese Academy of Sciences,Professor of Tsinghua University
  • CHEN Xuedong,Academician of Chinese Academy of Engineering
Experts from Organizations/Research Institutions/University
  • LI Yubing, Deputy Director-General, Standards and Innovation Division, General Administration of State Market Supervision and Administration
  • Daryl Wilson, Hydrogen Council Executive Director
  • Bart Biebuyck, Executive Director, EU Fuel Cell and Hydrogen Energy Cooperation (FCH JU) Programme
  • Tim KARLSSON,Executive Director of the International Hydrogen Economic and Fuel Cell Partnership Program (IPHE )
  • Toshiyuki SHIRAI,Director, Hydrogen Energy Strategy Office, Ministry of Advanced Energy Systems (METI), Ministry of Economy and Industry, Japan
  • Jorgo CHATZIMARKAKIS,secretary-general of Hydrogen Europe
  • ZHU Liangwei, Director of International Cooperation and Deputy Secretary-General of Foreign Investment Committee, China Petroleum and Chemical Industry Federation
  • He Yijun,Nantong Rugao Municipal Party Secretary
  • Hao Xiaodong, Deputy Secretary of the Party Work Committee of Rugao Economic and Technological Development Zone
  • ZHAO Fuquan, Dean and Professor, Institute of Automotive Industry and Technology Strategy, Tsinghua University
  • Wu Zhixin,Deputy General Manager of China Automotive Technology Research Center
  • Yu Zhuoping,Professor, School of Automobile, Tongji University
  • ZHANG Tong, Professor, Tongji University
  • ZHANG Cunman, Director, Institute of Fuel Cell Complex Power, Tongji University
  • WEI Chang, President, Beijing Institute of Low Carbon Clean Energy, National Energy Group
  • PAN Mu, Professor of Wuhan University of Technology
  • PENG Linfa, Professor of Shanghai Jiao Tong University
  • HOU Ming, Researcher, Dalian Institute of Chemical Physics, Chinese Academy of Sciences
  • YU Hongmei, Researcher, Dalian Institute of Chemical Physics, Chinese Academy of Sciences
  • WANG Hewu, Associate Professor, Tsinghua University
  • MIAO Ping, Assistant to the President of the Beijing Institute of Low Carbon and Clean Energy, National Energy Group, Director of New Energy Centre
  • HAN Difei, Director, Zhangjiagang Institute of Industrial Technology, Dalian Institute of Chemical Physics, Chinese Academy of Sciences
  • HE Guangli, Manager, Development of Hydrogen Energy Technology, New Energy Technology Center, Beijing Institute of Low Carbon Clean Energy, National Energy Group
  • Hua Zhengli,Secretary-General of the Sub-Committee on Car Carriage and Hydrogen Storage of the National Gas Cylinders Standard Committee, Associate Professor, Zhejiang University
  • Wen Xiaoling,Professor of Engineering , University of War wick , UK,Foshan Xian hu Laboratory researcher
  • Yang Yanmei,Associate researcher of China Institute of Standardization
  • Zhang Haining,Professor, Wuhan University of Technology,Foshan Xian hu Laboratory researcher
Business Leaders
  • LING Yiqun, Member of the Party Group and Deputy General Manager of Sinopec Group Company
  • Zu Sijie,SAIC Vice President, Chief Engineer
  • Randy MacEwen, Global CEO of Ballard
  • 滨村芳彦,Japan Toyota Fuel Cell
  • Jin Shixun, head of fuel cell operations at Hyundai Motor Group
  • Song Dongxian,Vice President of Automotive Technology,Great Wall Motor Company
  • CHEN Wei, General Manager of Anglo-American Precious Metals Market
  • ZHANG Chao, General Manager, Weichai New Energy Technology Co., Ltd., CEO, Weichai Ballard Hydrogen Energy Technology Co., Ltd
  • LU Bingbing, General Manager, Shanghai Hydrogen propulsion Technology Co. Ltd
  • LIU Kefei, Founder and CEO of Light Cheng (Shanghai) Internet of things Technology Co., Ltd
  • ZHANG Longhai, Senior Manager, Fuel Cell, Zhengzhou Yutong Bus Co., Ltd,Director of Henan Fuel Cell and Hydrogen Energy Engineering Technology Research Center
  • ZHANG Song, Director, Performance Development Department, Advanced Technology Research Institute, Guangxi Yuchai Machinery Co., Ltd
  • GAO Huiqiang, General Manager, Fuel Cell Platform, SAIC
  • Cristiano Facanha, Calstart Global Director, United States
  • WEI Changhe, Deputy Chief Engineer and Fuel Cell Bus Product Director, New Energy System Integration, Futian Automobile Group
  • YANG Kun, Technical Expert on Hydrogen Fuel Cell in Jinlong United Automobile Industry (Suzhou) Co., Ltd
  • Theo Hendriks, CEO of HyMove
  • Bu Yu,Senior Engineer, Beijing Aerospace Experimental Technology Institute
  • Mi Kuan,chief engineer of Sinoma Science & Technology (Suzhou) Co., Ltd
  • Xu Feng,New Energy Business Development Director of Plastic Omnium(China)
  • Yang Shujun,Technical General Manager and Chief Engineer of SHENYANG GAS CYLINDER SAFETY TECHNOLOGY CO.,LTD.
  • Kareem Afzal, Vice President,PDC Machines, Inc.
  • Marco Betting,vice president of HyET Business development
  • RAO Wentao, Director of Hydrogen Energy Technology, Baowu Clean Energy Co., Ltd
  • Zhu Jiongcao,Principal Representative of the Norwegian company
  • Dipl. Ing. Eduard Hopfauf, Head of Product Design, ThyssenKrupp Wood Chlor Engineering (Shanghai), Germany
  • Marco Eykelenboom,Project Director of Fluor
  • Tina Pan, secretary general of HyNed
  • LI Weichun, Vice President of Global Power Electronics Services and General Manager of Solar and Commercial Services in Greater China, Rhine TUV Group, Germany
  • Rick Rashilla, Germany Senior Vice-President of Research and Development, Hexagon
  • Daan van Haven,Commercial Director of KIWA
  • FU Yu, Chairman of Shanghai Jichong Hydrogen Technology Co., Ltd.
  • LIU Changfu, General Manager of SUNRISE POWER CO., LTD
  • WANG Zhaoyun, Chairman of Mingtian Hydrogen Energy Technology
  • Roel van de Pas,Chief Business Officer , Nedstack Fuel Cell Technologies Ltd , Netherlands
  • YAN Xiqiang, Vice president of Guangdong Nation-Synergy Hydrogen Power Technology Co., Ltd.
  • Hu Jun, Deputy General Manager of Dongfang Electric (Chengdu) Hydrogen Fuel Cell Technology Co., Ltd
  • Peng Jun, President, Shanghai Huashang Super Power Technology Co.,Ltd
  • ZhANG Xuefeng, president of Xeca Turbo Clean Power Rugao Co., Ltd
  • Dr. Martin Batholet, CEO of Swiss CELEROTON Company
  • DONG Weiwen, China R&D Manager, Precious Metals Division, Heraeus
  • Dr. TANG Qiwen, Sinocat Environmental Technology Co., Ltd.
  • ZHU Wei, Chairman and General Manager of Suzhou Qing Dynamic Power
  • JIN Yanwen, German SGL Technical Manager
  • Liu Jinhui, Director of Shanghai Jiping New Energy Technology Co., Ltd.
  • LAN Shuhuai, General manager of Shanghai Zhizhen New Energy Equipment Co., Ltd.
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